Join Kara's VIP All-Star Rewards Program

If you've on this page, you’re interested in learning more about my VIP program - so what is it, you ask? It’s a way for me to shower my supporters with gifts, exclusive offers, fun private events, and really show you my appreciation for your introductions!


  • When you introduce someone to me who needs my help and I meet with them in person, you automatically become a VIP All-Star in my VIP program.
  • As a Thank You, you’ll receive a customized Starbucks gift card that will be reloaded once a month for 6 months.
  • The person you introduce me to does not need to purchase or sell a home with me – they just need to meet with me for you to start receiving the rewards! Cool

Your free coffee (or tea, pastries, swag or food) can extend for years, as long as you introduce me to at least 1 new referral every 6 months. And what if you don’t? Not to worry; you’ll still be a VIP and have access to all the 1st level fun! You can always become an All-Star again at any time with a new referral.

You may be wondering “What is a referral?” It is NOT me selling anyone a home or closing on a listing. It’s simply you receiving permission from anyone you know who is thinking of buying, selling or investing in real estate so that you can introduce them to me. You’ll send me their phone number and I can call that person and set up a time for us to get together to meet. All I need to do is meet up with them to start the Starbucks rewards flowing for you. It doesn’t matter if I sell them a home or close on their listing. How easy is that?

I’m looking forward to a great year - to all the fun, events and lives changed and to sending out TONS of VIP Starbucks Cards. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Thank you again for all your support!